Freedom From Fear Forever


by Richard Saldan



Fear is perhaps one of the most chronic and debilitating ailment that is affecting people today. This self-made hell where most people live in is crippling relationships and careers, damaging homes and organizations and creating unparallel harm in personal and professional growth to millions round the world. What is this all-consuming fear about and where does it originate from? Incredible as it may sound people suffer from several types of fears and continue to live in their private prisons for a number of varied reasons: fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, fear of change, fear of making decisions, fear of confrontation, fear of loss, fear of failure and even fear of success thinking that they are not equipped enough to handle it! This paralyzing phenomenon often results in worry, tension, stress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and many more debilitating conditions. Left unattended, fear can throw anyone in a bottomless pit of self-pity and dejection. Sometimes it takes a life time to come out of this hellish condition.   


According to Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, authors of one of the best-selling series of our time, Chicken Soup for the Soul and other follow-ups, FEAR is nothing but Fantasized Experiences Appearing Real, the root causes of which can be many and vary according to individual life values and experiences. For instance, fear can be an overriding factor in someone who has been exposed to a series of traumatic and negative experiences in life. Past rejections and failures could also inject fear into someone who nearly gets addicted to it, as a negative way of life becomes his own comfort zone. Whatever the cause for developing a fear syndrome, the root is always in the mind. To understand its root, interestingly is also the first step in achieving freedom from fear forever.


If we understand the importance of the damaging effects of fear amongst people, it is easy to understand the impact any cumulative fear among the employees can have in an organization. Not only does it damage the overall organizational climate, it also negatively affects the morale, the latent potential and kills all future possibilities of its employees. In such cases it is best to seek professional help from people who understand management of fear best. For offering freedom from fear forever to your employees, it is not enough to opt for individual counseling and it is often impossible to tackle individual cause and effect.


Our leadership institute offers professional assistance in the management of fear. It teaches every employee how to confront it and get to the root of the problem through self-analysis. All anxieties have a root, and we help him to bring it out in the open and eradicate it from his mind forever. Fear has a habit of getting deeply entrenched in a mind which is full of clutter and uncertainty. We help clear the mind and uproot the past, so that the individual emerges as a more confident and secure adult and not scrounge behind any self-imposed exile. However strong and deep rooted the fears are our professional techniques can address the problem exactly where it is easier to delete it from the mind. For instance, we coach him to walk through the narrow and dark alleys of the past and relive those incidents so that he finds it justified to come out of the mesh and feel more confident.


For improving organizational health, it is critical that you help your employees reach their full potential, open up two-way communication process, make them frank and fearless. Once they learn that the maximum penalty which can be levied on them when they ask for a raise is a firm, unbiased and justified NO, they no longer live in fear of losing their jobs – forever.    



Richard Saldan is a motivational speaker and master magician. His programs will rivet your audience with proven strategies for greater success. People who have enrolled in Richard’s seminars give consistently high ratings because he is enthusiastic, energizing and inspires people to live to the fullest. For extraordinary results, visit:








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