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1. Every Failure Is An Opportunity In Disguise
  Mount Rushmore was inspired by incredible men who accomplished amazing feats by harnessing the power of adversity. Overcoming the adversities of life can reward you with an exhilarating feeling of strength and accomplishment. While most people run from adversities, the true leader embraces adversity and uses it as a slingshot to propel themselves forward. 
2. Find A Mentor, Be a Mentor
  Many find that mentoring relationships are a prominent key to rapid personal growth. The mentoring process opens amazing doors of opportunity that we might not otherwise experience.  There are several key skills that will enable you to become very successful in the art of mentoring.
3. Reinforce Your Self Esteem To Enjoy Explosive Success
  Every person carries around hidden mental bricks that weigh us down and prohibit us from living our lives to the fullest.  By embracing a structured process for ridding the mind of these weights, we spark a new level of unstoppable self confidence that opens the door to unimaginable opportunities.
4. Freedom From Fear Forever
  Fear is one of the greatest obstacles to personal growth and the ultimate success in life. Even the greatest highest achievers struggle from fear and anxiety from time to time. By learning proven strategies to overcome fear, we can truly life live to the fullest and realize our greatest ambitions.
5. How to Build Strong and Effective Leadership Skills
  To put it simply a good leader knows how to get the best out of his team. He has a vision which he constantly shares with his people. But how does a person get to develop leadership skills?
6. How To Nurture A Constant Flow Of Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is contagious, and generates it’s own momentum.  Rise to the challenge, and practice sparking enthusiasm in yourself and others each and every day. It is interesting to find this trait of not just remaining enthusiastic but also spreading the same feeling to others amongst every leader, irrespective of the sphere of his leadership. We call them by several names: vivacious, charismatic, dynamic and so on. What they essentially do is to instill the fire in the belly of all those who come next to them. They instill courage, self-confidence, and self-belief amongst their subordinates, team members and colleagues.

7. How To Take Change In Your Stride

The only feature of life which is permanent is change. Whether you accept it or not, whether you are prepared for it of not, people, situations, values, beliefs, in fact, practically everything both inside and outside us change. When change is inevitable, especially in a corporate environment, the best thing to do is to play strategic and swim with the tide – with the best intentions of proving your worth. Allow the old to pave way for fresh blood, fresh ideas and fresh challenges which must be met with courage and grace. Accept change as a quintessential part of life. Be willing to surrender what you are, for what you could become.

8. How to Use Adversities to Propel Yourself Forward

If you have the will to take tough times in your stride, you could come out of it with flying colors. Take extra initiatives to do those activities and meet such confident and enthusiastic people. If possible, remain surrounded by them, till you have come out of the phase valiantly. While coping with tough times, the important thing to do is to believe in your inner strengths and your core competencies and take this time to build them even stronger.

9. How To Become More Assertive And Confident

Assertiveness comes from supreme self-confidence, knowledge about the subject and overall self-reliance. One of the biggest confusions which rest in most peoples’ minds is that they can not understand the fine line of difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness. I believe assertiveness is mastering the art of making a point without hurting any sentiment whatsoever. You can do this when you have supreme level of self-confidence and know what you are talking better than anyone else in the room.

10. Taking Up the Challenge to Help Others

Any one who has tried to help others would know that it is not a very easy task to ‘help’ someone, even though he may desperately need it. Yet some of the world’s greatest souls have made their mark in the world by simply ‘helping’ others. If you take up this challenge with all sincerity and seriousness in purpose for a stretch of 21 days, you would be surprised at the change it brings to your life. Fresh avenues of opportunities open up from nowhere, your mind becomes more compassionate and suddenly the world becomes a better place to live in.

11. How to Become an Encourager

You must realize the importance of being an encourager in which ever role you play in life. Be it parent, superior, colleague, supervisor, field worker or whatever role you are playing at this instant, needs encouragement and which you must provide to others to get the best actions from others. One of the first things which an encourager can achieve is he can build and sustain a good team. Employees in an organization would hardly think of switching jobs if they get a superior who constantly nudges them to move forward with his encouraging words, even in the face of adversity.

12. Strategies for Enhancing Creativity

Being creative is not just learning to paint a good picture or writing a novel. The need for creativity lurks at every corner of our lives. Without being creative we can hardly solve the plethora of problems which plague our daily lives. The more curious you become about being more creative, the more would be the revelation of your own unique creativity which right now lie latent within you.

13. Hanging Tough During Tough Times

Tough times are nothing new to us. All of us go through it many times over in our lives. Many such tough times happen as part of the societal growth or adverse situations which are beyond our control. Examples could be loss of job due to downsizing, lack of money due to inflation, debts or ill health in the family, loss of a dear one, and so on. A tough time results in our losing mental composure as well as loss of self confidence and esteem. In short, we have created the cloud ourselves and have decided to get blinded by our own judgment and analysis.

14. Disarming and Diffusing the Doomsayers

Though perennial doomsayers are as part of life as anything else, this does not mean that you get bogged down by their pessimism. The basic truth about such people that I have come to realize is that any attempt to change them is fruitless. So it that is ruled out, the best strategy is to gear up your mind to face such doomsayers with as much patience and understanding as possible and then make your quick exit from such company.

15. The Power of Positive People And Positive Affirmations

The power of positive thinking can be unlimited. Not only do you spread cheer and good humor around, you become a self-styled leader wherever you go because you take people along with you as you walk through life. Each of us are the way we are due to several factors out of which our upbringing, our beliefs and values formed during our formative years play a major role.

























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