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Our Mind Reading Parrot

A spectator joins us on the stage, and chooses any card in the deck. After looking at, and signing the card, the person places their card back into the stack. The cards are shuffled, and then fanned out. Our amazing parrot carefully looks over the cards one by one. She reaches in, pulls out the card that the volunteer had chosen a moment before, and it is the same card with the volunteer's signature!




Microphone Stand Suspension

Two microphone stands are brought over to Jewel, and she rests each arm on them.  She lifts her legs up, showing that she is balancing on the microphone stands. Then, one stand is removed, and Jewel is raised up in the air. Her entire body is now balanced on the tip of the other microphone stand and freely floating in the air!




The Pendragons Fire Cage

A large empty cage is rolled out onto the stage. Rick shows his hands empty, but suddenly fire appears in his hands. He reaches through the cage, and now the bottom of the cage quickly bursts into flames. Rick pulls a blanket over the cage, and, a second later pulls the cloth aside to show the Jewel has suddenly appeared in the cage!




The Strait Jacket Escape

Audience members are brought up front to examine a regulation strait jacket. The volunteers put the strait jacket on Rick, tightly tying his arms behind his back.  After a grueling exhibit of strength and determination, Rick breaks free and escapes!




Metamorphsis Illusion

Invented by John Nevil Maskelyne, and made famous by Harry Houdini and his wife Bess. Demonstrating their own entertaining version of this illusion, Jewel smiles mischievously as she locks Rick into the trunk. She climbs up on top of the trunk, holds up a brilliant red fabric for a quick second, and they have quickly changed places in the blink of an eye!





Asrah Levitation and Vanish

The lovely Jewel lays down, and is covered with a cloth. She begins to levitate several feet off the floor. Rick walks several feet towards the audience, as Jewel floats along. Suddenly, the cloth is whisked away, and she is gone. Jewel reappears in the back of the audience!




The Origami Illusion

Jewel climbs into a large 3-foot red box.  The box is then collapsed and shrunk down into a one foot square cube. As if that were not amazing enough, we then insert three swords into the box at different angles!  We then open the box back up, and Jewel climbs out of the box to her thunderous applause!




One Big Happy Family

We love what we do and our energy and enthusiasm is highly contagious. Whether performing strolling magic table to table, or a stage show, we are very skillful in connecting with our audiences. Our shows consistently receive high ratings and our inspirational  messages can be customized. We create a magical experience that takes your clients on a wild roller coaster ride of high energy fun, inspiration and entertainment!




Honey Bunny

Honey is a real ham, and loves being in the spotlight. Our adorable trained rabbit performs several fabulous feats of magic. A volunteer is called up to the stage. An empty bucket is shown, and held by the spectator. Next, a cage is shown with the rabbit. Minutes later, Honey vanishes from the cage and appears in the bucket of the volunteer!




















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