We provide a large variety of leadership and motivational seminars.  Each of the following programs can be tailored and customized to fit the specific needs of your organization. For more information, please visit:  www.LeadershipSeminars.us


Category: Communication Skills

Seminar #1 - Communication Strategies

This is a two-day seminar which is intended to make your communication skills with other people in your workplace or at home definitely better. The participants are thus given the excellent opportunity to improve the decisive communication skills of listening, asking questions and also of taking into consideration the so important nonverbal messages. This very intriguing seminar also provides participants with the necessary information about finding the very balance between being too aggressive or simply too inert, too passive. Responding and counteracting to various manipulative tactics of challenging people is also a major topic. This seminar also centers around six elements of our communication with other people. These crucial elements help us reveal appropriate information about ourselves as well as to get a handle on how to better behave to have a professional image.


Category: Confidence

Seminar #1 - Developing Self-Esteem and Assertiveness Skills

It is of utmost importance to build your self-esteem and thus to have proper boldness skills in order to become more successful as well as self confident. You must remember that you are the most important part of the whole process, the very bit of glue that keeps the whole thing going. You must undergo changes in order to become not only self confident, but also successful. By means of this useful seminar all the participants will find out about various simple brazenness techniques. These are crucial if you really want to change the way you feel about yourself thus boost up self-esteem. The recognition of the importance of learning self-acceptance as well as cultivating your sense of self are critical elements of this seminar.


Category: Customer Service

Seminar #1 - Essential Elements of Customer Service

The one day seminar is meant for and recommended for any employee who works with the public or who works for who do actually interact with the public. Your value to your company as well as the great opportunity to advance your career can be increased by means of learning the crucial Customer service skills. Telephone based customer service as well as telephone etiquette and interacting with difficult customers are key training topics. The participants will also learn how to forceful solve problem.


Category: Customer Service

Seminar #2 - Managing Customer Service

This two-day seminar has been designed for those in customer service management positions to understand their roles and responsibilities. New strategies for handling workload, through enhancing organization skills and capability to prioritize will be outlined by the Customer Service Management Trainers. The participants will feel comfortable with matter such as how to effectively work in a team environment. All this is possible by simply improving the essential communication skills. Category: Interpersonal Skills,


Category: Interpersonal Skills

Seminar #1 – How To Manage Anger – Being Aware Of Anger

We must all agree that high self-awareness is of utmost for anger management, because of the fact that the use of anger management skills is all about that you know when you are angry and recognize that anger as a signal that something goes wrong. Nevertheless it is a known fact that anger is a learned response. We also know that the anger response can be unlearned by means dedication and endeavor. Sporadic, moderate anger is no problem at all as it provokes no long-lasting harm. On the other hand constant and continuous anger is likely to affect not only you, but also everybody around you. We become alarmed at how anger can take control of our lives. This training seminar is focused on learning step-by-step the necessary skills to manage your anger as well as the outbursts of your employees and the anger a client might give a free rein to.


Category: Interpersonal Skills

Seminar #2 – How To Develop Business Etiquette

We must all agree that each of us had some uncomfortable moments where we weren’t sure which is the best solution to a particular problem. For example there were situation like when you tried to make small talk with some VIP and been lost for words and we all know how distressing such moments can be. However, the very social gaffes you aren’t even aware of making can ruin your career and bring you down. Business Etiquette development training is thus of utmost importance in any job. All the participants will become familiar with all the right skills to make the finest impression.


Category: Interpersonal Skills

Seminar #3 - Dealing with Problematic People

Edward Deming is the very father of quality management. He came up with the idea that that people can face almost any problem except the problem of people. They have the ability of working extra hours, of facing business on their last legs, they can even bear being fired from a job, but they can’t cope with stubborn people. This conflict management seminar is helpful so that you can identify some of the ways you may be yourselves contributing to these problems. You will also be provided with several strategies you can use at work as well as in your personal life.


Category: Interpersonal Skills

Seminar #4 - Getting Along in the Workplace

We must all agree that we face conflict on a regular basis. We argue with our relatives, we argue with our friends, and sometimes even with strangers at a basketball game. We must also agree that all this conflict is just normal. We, as individuals, cannot be all the same and as long we exist, there will always be a potential conflict. Since you can’t stop conflicts, the most important thing is to learn how to manage it in fruitful ways. That’s what this seminar is designed to help you do.


Category: Leadership Development

Seminar #1 - Business Leadership: Rising in the Ranks

If you are after a promotion, or are moving into administration in your organization, leadership education is a best measure on the route to success. Now is the moment for large image thought and sharing your imagination with your squad. Learn ways to transmit understandably and openly in decree to have things done. Identify your leadership manner visibility, and find ways to take this knowledge to handle more effectively. Understand how to prompt and dispute your employees by delegating and coaching for superior operation. In this seminar you will find pragmatic and modern ways to manage your almost difficult responsibilities, from managing meetings to managing your squad.


Category: Leadership Development

Seminar #2 – Coaching Your Staff to Peak Performance

Business leadership coaching involves being a character example, a mentor, sometimes a counsellor or friend, and ever a guidebook. Leadership Coaching is based on a partnership that involves giving both backing and difficult opportunities to employees. Knowing how and when to manager is a vital accomplishment that can gain both you and your organisation. This one-day seminar will assist you get a best manager in all senses of the language.


Category: Leadership Development

Seminar #3 - The Art of Delegating Effectively 

Effective Delegation is frequently one of the hardest skills for a coach to overcome. However, the accomplishment can be learned. This seminar will research many of the facets of commission: when to assign, and who to assign to. We will too get through the commission procedure measure by measure, to view where the pitfalls place, and what we can make about getting around them.


Category: Leadership Development

Seminar #4 - The Art of Running Highly Effective Meetings

Are you frustrated with the manner your meetings make? Do they lack direction? Are there times some members of the group rule the proceeding? Are you not ever certain who should see? Are you looking for a manner to structure meetings to have them more efficient still at the same moment preserve an available air? This one-day encounter administration seminar not simply covers the easy demand of encounter system, but too includes some interference strategies, tips on how to publish a schedule, and a favorite encounter icebreaker.


Category: Leadership Development

Seminar #5 - Problem Solving and Decision Making

As a private, facts and knowledge can simply get then far. Tough trouble solving requires the power to determine the genuine trouble, examine the potential causes, produce options, select the almost workable alternative, and so enforce it. This two-day trouble solving seminar should assist participants heighten their skills to discover sustainable solutions and hear original ways to near problem-solving to hit win-win decisions.


Category: Management Skills

Seminar #1 - Business Owner’s Human Resource Issues

The human resource issues facing today's business owners, managers and human resource support staff is the key topic of this a two-day seminar overview. Trainers will show the participants that HR staff has to have lots of experience so as to deal with the many employee relationship issues faced in today's active workforce. Of utmost importance is also the process of making HR decisions that are both legal al as well as efficient.


Category: Management Skills

Seminar #2 - New Manager’s Inventory Management

This two-day Inventory Management seminar has been designed for all those in inventory management positions in order for them to fully understand their positions and responsibilities. New strategies for inventory control management through enhancing organization skills and the ability to prioritize will be outlined by the Inventory Management Trainers. The participants will have the very opportunity to find out ways to work efficiently in a team by improving the essential communication skills.


Category: Management Skills

Seminar #3 - Understanding Project Management

This 3-day project management seminar cover all the participants have to know about understanding project management as well as business process improvement.  We recommend this for “seasoned” supervisors or managers who are expected to fulfill their supervisory duties of “getting work done through the efforts of others” and in the very same time work on pioneering projects that are founded on improvement opportunities. They are expected to add value based on their in-depth understanding of their organization, their industry as well as their resources.


Category: Motivational

Seminar #1 - How to Motivate Anyone 

We all know that employees who feel they are valued and recognized for the work they do are more motivated, responsible and thus productive. This one-day motivation training seminar is indented to help supervisors and managers create a more active, loyal and energized workplace. This program has been created specifically to help busy managers and supervisors understand all the employees’ desires and to help them start creating champions.


Category: Negotiation

Seminar #1 - Negotiating for Win-Win Results

This seminar is intended to teach us up-to-date negotiation training techniques and a variety of negotiation training methods, including group discussions, lectures, case studies, problem solving exercises, as well as visual aids, to help all participants to learn them more efficiently. Negotiation Training includes such topics as developing effective communication skills, negotiation techniques, as well as problem solving.


Category: Public Speaking

Seminar #1 - Presentation Skills Boot Camp

We must all agree that a great presenter has to have two distinctive qualities, proper presentation skills as well as self-reliance. This self-reliance comes from knowing what you want to say, and being relaxed with your public speaking and communication skills. In this public speaking seminar, you will master the skills that will make you a better speaker and presenter.


Category: Public Speaking

Seminar #2 - Speaking With Poise Under Pressure

This two-day seminar is intended to help those who are in positions where they must speak in front of audiences that are intimidating or difficult. This seminar is also appropriate for those who are quite new speakers who want some support to speak up in meetings or who want some training before they begin making presentations on behalf of the organization. This seminar has been designed to improve your skills and to help you learn some of the new techniques which will give you the convincing edge when you are making a presentation, fielding difficult questions, or presenting complex information. The seminar also covers several exercises where the participant will have to prepare and present speeches of varying length and with varying notice.


Category: Public Speaking

Seminar #3 - Overcoming your Fear of Public Speaking

This public speaking training seminar is for anyone who wants to improve their public speaking skills in casual, familiar situations. Enhance public speaking and presentation skills with proven methods so as to be able to grasp your audience attention.


Category: Selling Skills

Seminar #1 - Prospecting For Leads Like a Pro

We all know that prospecting is the very key to your sales success. Your sales success today is a result of the research you did six months ago. This sales training seminar helps you become skilled at networking and remember the old 80/20 rule. Know who and how to target and remember to do some research every day through warming up cold calls, following up on leads, or networking. Establish your personal prospecting plan, to ensure your future by planting seeds daily.


Category: Selling Skills

Seminar #2 - How To Cold Call And Bring In More Business

An area in which you never stop learning would be phone selling. Virtually the phone is the ultimate medium in sales today, but is it time for you to assess how you use the telephone and where it fits into your sales and marketing mix. Telemarketing can enhance and sometimes replace other means of marketing and selling, and it can noticeably increase your sales success. This telemarketing training seminar helps you develop your communication, persuasion as well as negotiation skills so that every sales call is personalized to each prospect and each situation.


Category: Selling Skills

Seminar #3 - Dynamic Sales Presentations

The ultimate sales presentation does not demand you have all the bells and whistles to impress the client with your technical skills. For a change, try impressing your clients with your knowledge of the products and services you sell and your understanding of their problems and the solutions they need.  This one-day seminar will center on your formal written proposal and in-person presentation.


Category: Selling Skills

Seminar #4 - Building Relationships - Success in Sales

No one doubts that making friends is a good thing. In this seminar, you are going to learn that the job of business is making friends, and the job of all sales professionals is making friends and building relationships. Tactical friendships will make or break any business, no matter how big and no matter what kind of market.


Category: Selling Skills

Seminar #5 - Overcoming Objections to Close the Sale

Like the most sales professionals, you are always in the very search for ways of overcoming customer objections and close the sale. This seminar focuses on planning, preparing as well as on  executing proposals and sales presentations that address customer concerns, reduce the number of objections you encounter and improve your batting average at closing the sale.


Category: Stress Management

Seminar Title: Stress Management 

This one-day stress management seminar will give you the excellent opportunity to discover the harmful long-term effects of stress on our mental and physical health. You will also be provided with suggestions for more efficient stress management.  Stress Management strategies way conduct changes in your lifestyle and stress management techniques such as recreation and exercise together with the use of music or humor as coping strategies are of utmost importance.


Category: Supervisory Skills

Seminar #1 - Supervisor Training: The ABC's of Supervising Others

This two-day supervisor seminar is intended for new supervisors/managers and it’s goal is to help you conquer many of the supervisory problematical aspects you will face in your first few weeks as a new supervisor - whether you are a team leader, a project manager or a unit coordinator. Dealing with various problems a supervisor comes to the very conclusion that it isn’t easy but this must not lead to discouragement.


Category: Supervisory Skills

Seminar #2 - The Professional Supervisor

A seminar for recently appointed supervisors, experienced supervisors and managers who wish to acquire a better understanding of the nature, scope and responsibilities of the supervisory management position. The Professional Supervisor training seminar helps prepare participants in developing the specific knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to enhance their supervisory management capabilities.


Category: Supervisory Skills

Seminar #3 - Employee Performance Management

This seminar is for supervisors wishing to acquire a further understanding of the supervisory management position, to better understand themselves and others, to develop their problem solving and decision making skills, and to explore performance management issues.


Category: Supervisory Skills

Seminar #4 - Hiring Smart: Behavioral Interview Techniques

This Hire Smart seminar concentrates on behavioral interview preparation, producing behavioral interview questions and their value, the behavioral interview techniques that can go into details, behavior-based examples of past performance, as well as the strategies that follow through on this very process. The seminar also features sample behavioral interview questions, which are useful to learn tips for resume screening, reference checking as well as interpreting non-verbal communication.


Category: Supervisory Skills

Seminar #5 – Efficient Employee Orientation

We must all agree that one common reason people change jobs is that they never feel truly integrated in the very team or as a part of the company they are in. If a company spends considerable money head-hunting, questioning and even transfer employees, it makes good sense to go one step further and make the new employee feel like they have made a good decision to choose to work in this particular company. An unselfish new employee oriented program together with an employee handbook that communicates workplace policies are demonstrated reduce turnover and save that organization thousands of dollars. No matter if your company has two employees or two thousand employees, don’t leave new employee orientation to chance.


Category: Supervisory Skills

Seminar #6 – How To Conduct Efficient Performance Reviews

The research has proved that companies who conduct performance assessments together with appraisals are more successful than those who don’t. The first step in a basic system would be to develop performance standards that all employees can relate to and agree to. Setting performance objectives to aim for will make supervisors as well as employees focus on the very targets. Supervisors must also understand that they need to become familiar with how to coach and give feedback, both positive and negative, on a regular and timely basis. In this way all the employees can grow and develop. Justifiable performance evaluations are the very climax of all these activities.


Category: Teaming Building

Seminar #1 - Developing High Performance Teams

Your success as a manager is often related to how well your team goes. How are their problem-solving skills? Are they animated and motivated to do their best? Do they work properly together? There have been hundreds of studies showing that human beings work better and learn better in groups. Should you want to develop your team leadership skills and give a free rein to the talent of your individual team members, then this team building seminar is give you the right opportunity to implement this.


Category: Teaming Building

Seminar #2 - Teamwork: Building Better Teams

This teamwork seminar is intended for those offering a basic seminar to workplace team leaders and staff. The seminar centers on the features of an efficient team player as well as on the elements of an efficient team. You will leave your participants with a plan for personal development as a team player and as a team leader, as well as with some ideas on how to improve your workplace team.


Category: Time Management

Seminar #1 - Time Management for Peak Performance

Students reinforce the values of effective goal setting, with smart goals. Practice visualizing your monthly, weekly and daily goals at the start of each day. Better organize their workspace and their paper for peak efficiency. Understand the importance of prioritizing work in order to meet deadlines. Take control of those things that would derail workplace productivity.


Category: Writing Skills

Seminar #1 - Writing Reports and Proposals

This two-day seminar has been especially designed so as to help you produce professional reports and proposals. As a manager at any level in business, government, or industry, you have to produce reports to explain various issues as well as to present your research findings. You may also write application in order persuade others of the value of some seminar of action. With the training materials in this seminar, you can learn all the indispensable skills for formal business writing.


Category: Writing Skills

Seminar #2 - Business Writing That Works

Being able to write well can equaled to a huge career boost. This one-day course is intended for those who must produce business writings as part of their job.  Students are taught how to improve their organizational skills and capture their thoughts on paper so they are strong and convincing, but at the same time comprehensible, brief, and accurate.


Category: Writing Skills

Seminar #3 - Advanced Business Writing Skills

This one-day seminar is designed for those who already possess the crucial writing skills. Our time will be devoted to all types of business writing; letters of congratulation, of persuasion, of refusal or of action, that reflect current word usage and up-to-date formats. You can also become more skilled at writing to write professional business documents that are brief but concise, clear yet direct, complete and correct.




















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