Listed below are a collection of video clips from some of our Motivational Magic programs held at schools, colleges, professional associations and corporate events.


You'll see that we work hard to create a unique experience unlike anything else you have ever seen!


Our fundamental belief in all of our programs is that when people have a blast while attending our special events, and that your return on investment is above and beyond what you were even hoping for!


We have a track record of producing consistently high ratings for our clients and loyal customers for more than 10 years.



HAPPY CUSTOMERS - One of the greatest strengths of our shows and programs is our ability to connect with the audience.  We immediately seize their attention, and blast off for an hour of high impact fun and entertainment. We have combined our powerful stage illusions with all sorts of conferences, seminars and events and are able to customize our presentation with your own themes and concepts.

Audience Feedback
Enjoy some of the comments from folks who have just attended an exciting Motivational Magic seminar presentation on technology by Richard Saldan. Imagine the same energy, innovation and impact with one of your audiences.

CABLE TELEVISION -  Rick was invited to speak on about the impact that magic has when combined with motivational seminars.

Rick Saldan on Time Warner Cable
In this television special, we provide a showcase presentation of various segments of our personal breakthroughs seminar, "You Can Be An Amazing Leader." This Time Warner program explains how we combine our professional stage illusions with messages to encourage, motivate and inspire others.  The program goes into the history of how Rick Saldan created Motivational Magic in 1997, and the many people that have benefited from his high impact shows and seminars.

STAGE MAGIC - Over the years, Rick has built a large collection of professional stage magic, illusions and equipment. Rick's inventory of larger grand stage illusions include: the Origami, the Fire Cage, the Asrah, the Sub Trunk, the Shadow Box, the Broom Suspension, and the Microphone Stand Suspension.

Motivational Magic for Commonwealth Telephone Enterprises

Started in 1897, Commonwealth Telephone Enterprises, Inc. is the 13th-largest independent local-exchange carrier in the United States. Rick Saldan was selected to be the featured keynote speaker to close their annual sales meeting for more than 100 sales people and company executives. Rick shows his skills as a professional speaker and as a comedy entertainer, quickly building rapport with CTE Vice Presidents and the entire sales force. Rick captures their attention, and teaches Dale Carnegie motivational strategies that tie in with each of the magic effects and stage illusions.

GRAND ILLUSIONS - We are proud to own two famous stage illusions which were performed on television by David Copperfield and Jonathan Pendragon.  The Origami Illusion is a classic of magic, that is enjoyed and admired by both magicians and audiences alike. The Fire Cage was originally created by Jonathan Pendragon, and our model is the only one approved of by Jonathan and built by Jack Murray of Dream Illusions.

Origami Illusion
In today's competitive market, thinking outside of the box is not as critical as getting inside the box and maximizing on every possible resource with increased flexibility. We've heard so often, "Think outside the box." We'll challenge you to think inside the box. To survey, itemize and utilize the skills, talents and resources you currently have. The Origami illusion is a powerful demonstration of this principle. An assistant is brought up and climbs into an empty box. The box is then compressed down to a one-foot square cube. If that weren't already nearly impossible, three broad swords are thrust into each side of the cube.


The Pendragons' Fire Cage
Do you feel held back and restricted, as if living inside a cage? Such tough times can be used to transform us for the better. Our adversities can enable us to leap forward a light year past our competitors. Tough times can enable you to have greater focus, drive and zest for your goals and ambitions. It is within your own cage of limitation that the most powerful real magic can occur. Our favorite Motivational Magician displays a large silver cage, completely empty from all around. In a split second, a cloth is whisked over the cage and a guest speaker amazingly appears inside the cage!

Motivational Magic Montage Video
This video contains numerous clips of Rick Saldan performing at schools, conferences and corporate seminars. One thing to watch for is the impact that Rick has on his audience. He combines his public speaking and story telling skills with his professional stage magic.  In his motivational seminars, Rick teaches that the three main blockages to personal growth are: the barrier of fear, inadequate self esteem and the destructive power of discouragement. This demo video contains footage from various speaking engagements teaching our concepts of magical motivation, freedom from fear, and peak performance coaching.


Parachuting From a Helicopter

Afraid of heights? Rick has the perfect cure! One of Rick's early mentors once taught him, "The best way to overcome fear, is to confront it directly. Push through the fear and master it." In this video, Rick continues on working to follow this sage advice and master his fear of heights. This helicopter jump from 3500 feet is Rick's 47th skydiving experience. It wasn't until around jump 60 that Rick said he had made a breakthrough with this barrier of fear, and felt that he had risen above the phobia of heights. Today, some 165 skydiving experiences later, Rick said that what he once feared, he now loves. He has skydived from hot air balloons and numerous types of aircraft. The highest jump was 16,000 feet, and the lowest jump was 1200 feet. He has performed various types of stunt flying, his favorite of which was when 8 skydivers flew together in the sky and connected their parachutes together (called "Canopy Relative Work"). Today Rick often shares these stories, illustrating that we can experience real magic in life when we confront the fears that hold us back and learn how to master such internal obstacles.


STROLLING MAGIC - The two most powerful types of magic in all of the world are: (1) magic that happens closeup, only a few feet from spectators; and, (2) magic that happens in the hands of audience members.  Strolling magic is a highly effective tool at breaking down barriers when people sit at tables for dinner programs and special events. Closeup magic eases tension and helps people to open up and have a fun evening out.  Strolling magic is the perfect entertainment for breaking the ice and getting people involved and talking with one another. Your guests will be thrilled as the magic happens right in their own hands!

Strolling Magic
When you watch this video, you can literally feel the rush of energy and excitement as guests of professional singers Derek and Nadeen Edwards are amazed and baffled by the closeup magic of Rick Saldan. Everyone is thrilled as volunteers at the table make the magic happen right in their own hands. You'll see Rick's skill in immediately seizing the attention of everyone at the table, and quickly drawing them into his electric personality and magical effects.  In this video, Rick performs: one dollar changing to twenty dollars; one rubber band melting through another; three ropes of different sizes changing to one size; a twelve inch silk vanishes and reappears in the sleeve of spectators; a mind reading effect; a signed playing card vanishes and reappears in a sealed envelope.

Motivational Magic for Tony Robbins
The two largest seminar organizations in all the world are Dale Carnegie and Tony Robbins International. Both of these organizations have literally created an entire industry of motivational speakers and peak performance training that have brought corporate America to new heights in quality control, team building, personal development and employee morale. On the testimonials page, you'll see that employees from both organizations have given very high praise to Rick Saldan and his uniquely creative Motivational Magic. In this video, you'll see clips of a 90-minute seminar that Rick and Jewel presented to 40 employees of Tony Robbins. This audience included several executives, vice presidents, sales managers and personal coaches. Rick and Jewel received two standing ovations for this event and six testimonials from the employees of Tony Robbins.


Family Entertainment and Stage Magic

In this demo video, Rick and Jewel perform some of their professional stage magic for a packed out audience of 220 people at one of the largest resorts in Pennsylvania, at the Split Rock Resort located in the Poconos.  Activities Director Doc Holiday telephoned Rick a few days later and stated, "There were 48 different people that came up to me the last few days and talked about what an incredible show you performed. I've never seen that happen before!"























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